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I am starting to worry about what clothing to bring for the Newfoundland tour. Should I bring booties?
Rain gear and my fleece pajamas!
Any words from the wise?

Gary Conrod

Margaret, you can’t go wrong bringing them. Rain gear yes. Pajamas? Bring whatever us warm you feel okay walking to the campground washrooms in.

1 week ago
Gary Conrod uploaded a photo
3 weeks ago

50 day countdown! 2016 Atlantic Canada Cycling Tours are just around the corner!

We did the Cabot Trail on rented hybrids and had no trouble with the hills. Suggest you do some hill work prior to the tour. It’s a very nice scenic tour and ACC does a great job with supporting the riders. Enjoy.

Have done Cape Breton – Cabot Trail – the ups are tough but the downs are crazy/fast!
lots and lots of climbing but totally worth it 🙂

One more question , but not necessarily the last! What kind of bike do you recommend we rent? We normally ride Hybrid’s , but if we are on pavement I would like to rent a touring bike. Would this work or are we traversing on some rough terrain?
Rochelle and Blair

Gary Conrod

Hybrids are good for PEI, as the pavement is poor. Most of the distances are also not too high. We go on parts of the Confederation Trail, and there are great clay surface heritage roads to explore.

2 months ago
Rochelle Dubetz

Thanks !

2 months ago

Hi Gary,
We are wondering about a few things again.
We arrive on West jet 386 , July 16 at around 6:34 AM at Halifax. We will need the shuttle to pick us up , but we were wondering where the best place would be to pick us up? PeddleandSea recommended they drop off the bikes at Atlantica at 10AM for the 11AM shuttle pick up, but would we just be turning around to go back to the Airport for you to pick up other participants? This seems like a waste of time and money as we would probably have to take a taxi into Atlantica? What do you recommend?

Also do you supply panniers?

And for our last night accommodation, what is Cap-Egmont? Cost ? Etc.? Is there a website?

We will be staying at Mount St. Vincent University Convention and onsite facilities July 22. Is it possible to get the shuttle to drop us off there?

Thanks Gary!!
Rochelle and Blair

Gary Conrod

If no one is at the Atlantica we won’t be going there. I suggest you tell a rental company you will be at the airport and give them plenty of time as they can be late.

We have bags about, but if renting a bike I would think that should be part of it. You don’t need to carry much as we have tour support.

Coming back from tours we can drop people anywhere along the way, we do not have time issues as we do starting the tours.

2 months ago

Gary does your NS trip July 26-Aug.3 have indoor accomodation as an option?

Gary Conrod

Rochelle, all tours always have indoor options. The Nova Scotia Eastern Shore has fewer options as it has a low population. We camp one night far from any town. For that night, we will shuttle indoor participants at the end of the day, and set them up where they left off the next morning.

2 months ago
Rochelle Dubetz

Ok thanks!

2 months ago

Looking forward to the Cape Breton trip this August but am apprehensive about how hard it will be! Any words of wisdom from people who have been there, done that?

Gary Conrod

People like being challenged. I am sure you will be okay. Lets hope the weather is with us,

2 months ago

Wanting to do the Cape Breton trip but waiting for the school year schedule in Miami to come out. Hopefully will know in about a week. Would love to make that trip.

Looking forward to this ride!!!

This is a test of our new social page. Here is a pic of Bruce and Wayne crossing the Saguenay River on the cyclist bridge

The Newfoundland (2016) tour is my second tour with ACC. Based on my past experience, this will be a wonderful cycle.

Gary Conrod

Alan – thanks for being the very first person to use our new use our new user board!!.

The Newfoundland Tour will be something else beyond your trip last year on PEI. far up north on the Great Northern Peninsula is very unpredictable, we have no idea what lies ahead for us each day.

4 months ago

First night stop on our Newfoundland tour

Hello – welcome to our new user area! Please feel free to post and let us know if anything needs adjusting!

Don Bergan

We signed up for the July PEI tour and are really looking forward to visiting PEI! We did the ACC tour of Cape Breton Island a dozen or so years ago and loved it. ACC provides a quality tour at a reasonable price. See you all in July.

3 months ago