Nova Scotia Bicycle Tour

Nova Scotia Bicycle Tour

NOTE: This Tour Is Not Scheduled For This year - It Will Return In Future Seasons

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The Nova Scotia Bicycle Tour will be an enjoyable “best of” adventure, taking in selected prime cycling corners of the province. There will be some hills on this tour, but casual cyclists should find this tour quite feasible. Distances will be between 65 and 70 kilometres (39 to 42 miles) per day. For those who like longer distances, most days will have a few options for extending routes which can be combined with riding with the group.

For those who may be arriving to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from Maine on the planned new ferry, transportation will be provided to our tour start at Halifax. The tour will end at Yarmouth. There will also be transport back to Halifax the final day of the tour.This exciting tour spends a few days exploring three unique regions of Nova Scotia. The first part we will explore is along the Atlantic Coast. Perhaps the best known part of Nova Scotia, this shoreline is very scenic, with fishing boats, lighthouses, deserted beaches, and wharves piled high with lobster traps. We explore the coast for two days, arriving at the historic seaport of Lunenburg.After a day based at Lunenburg exploring the Atlantic coast, we are transported across the forested interior into Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. One of the best bicycle-touring parts of Canada, the valley is delightful, crammed with orchards, tiny villages and scenic back roads. Over the next few days we will also make several visits to the Bay of Fundy, taking in several sections along the coastline of this mighty body of water. We will here visit villages touched by its 13M (40 ft.) tides.

We continue on along what is called the French Shore. We end at Yarmouth. For those that met us in Halifax there will be return transportation.


NOTE: This Tour Is Not Scheduled For This year - It Will Return In Future Seasons

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Halifax to Chester
Chester to Lunenburg
Day Tour at Lunenburg
Gaspereau to Aylesford
Aylesford to Middleton
Middleton to Milford
Milford to Church Point
Church Point to Yarmouth

Halifax to Chester 72 km (45 mi.)
To depart from the city of Halifax, our first day has the option of taking a multi-use trail. We can take this for most of the day. There is also an optional road route. Chester is noted for sailing, stately homes, magnificent gardens and a relaxed lifestyle, with yacht races, garden parties and band concerts.

Chester to Lunenburg 52 or 66 km (32 or 41 mi.)
We first ride to Mahone Bay, a very attractive town at the head of a bay with 365 islands. A sailboat haven, we will explore the small town before moving along the bay to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia’s “City of the Sea”. A true seaport town, Lunenburg is a cozy place, filled with amazing architecture and an atmospheric marine setting. An optional ride after reaching town is out to the village of Blue Rocks. It is a must-see village east of town, visited by marine painters and photographers. In the evening we can suggest our favourite pub

Day Tour at Lunenburg 66 km (41 mi.)
We stay based for a second night in Lunenburg, lots to explore in one of the most attractive small towns in the country. We will take a day ride along the Atlantic Ocean coast. This is perhaps the best known part of the Nova Scotia, with many attractive fishing villages, rocky coasts and lighthouses. A small river ferry takes us across the Lahave River and to a great bakery. We stop for mid-day break and turn-around at one of the best beaches in all of Nova Scotia. We will enjoy a relaxed day, allowing several scenic diversions both on and off our bikes. There is Kingsburg Beach, Hirtle’s Beach, or the LaHave Islands. The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is the ultimate waterfront experience in Lunenburg. In the evening there are a large number of restaurants, all with seafood specialities, and again, perhaps the pub.

Gaspereau to Aylesford 74 km (45 mi.)
Today is one of the favourite cycling routes of our Gary, ACC’s founder. While a map-reading challenge, the winding route today will be a joyful meandering along many different country lanes.

We ride through orchards, visit a fromagerie and about mid-day make our first visit of the tour to the shores of the Bay of Fundy. We will descend to the Bay at the tiny lobster port of Hall’s Harbour. We can relax there on the docks and watch the fishing boats. Here the tides rise dramatically, one of the highest in the world. In the afternoon we will return to the Annapolis Valley and wander its maze of orchards and family farms.

Aylesford to Middleton 60 km (36 mi.)
Today we explore a “hidden corner” of Nova Scotia, an unspoiled coastline, with quiet roads and with beautiful scenery. It is a short day, but there will be some hills.  The famous Bay of Fundy is again the focus of our tour. While following the coast, there are some big hills, we dip in and out of shoreline villages from part way up the ridge. This will provide us with spectacular views and great downhills.

Middleton to Milford 86 or 77 km (53 or 47 mi.)
Today we make our last run over the ridge from the Annapolis Valley to the Bay of Fundy. It may again possibly be a welcome sight, as coastal temperatures vary from the valley dramatically.
Historic Annapolis Royal, founded in 1605, is the oldest European settlement in Canada. It is our mid-day stop. Here it may be interesting to visit a demonstration project, where a tiny portion of the Bay of Fundy’s immense tidal power has been harnessed. This is the only such project of its kind in North America. There is also an option to do 20+ more kilometres to the Port Royal settlement.

Milford to Church Point 91 or 77 km (57 or 48 mi.)
Bear Cove is a fascinating village today worth a stop. We can also take a run in to the port of Digby, with the largest scallop fishing fleet in the world. We next cycle by a long line of small French-speaking Acadian villages along the shore of St. Mary’s Bay. Our stop is at one such village, home of one of the largest wooden churches in the world.

Church Point to Yarmouth 69 km (43 mi.)
There are several atmospheric spots along the way today, including one village with the smallest known working drawbridge. We reach the far western tip of Nova Scotia. A sea port for several hundred years, we complete our journey at the old port of Yarmouth.

What We Provide:
– Comprehensive ride guide; all about what you will experience on route, history, culture, trivia -camping facilities -luggage transfer; we will carry your gear, just bike and enjoy the ride! -bike mechanic assistance -sag wagon service –support vehicle available for breakdowns or drives to shorten your day -daily route maps -tour escort; Gary Conrod will be along the route, he has 170,000 kilometres cycling experience, including almost every road in Nova Scotia -shuttle to tour start -return bus transportation from tour end point to Halifax or Yarmouth.

About Our Tours:
- Our tours are friendly and they are fun. Groups usually run between 18 and 35 people. These size groups allow participants to find others with the same interests and same riding speeds. With inn to inn tours you are usually with just a handful of people, possibly with that small a number none you have things in common with. Our tours are just the right size. During a week to 10 day tour everyone gets to know pretty well everyone else who is on the tour. Lots of friendships are made.

We run our tours far away from big population areas, in prime natural settings in Eastern and Atlantic Canada. This comes at a cost. Smaller groups mean higher prices per person. We feel getting away from the heat, humidity, cities, and traffic is completely worth it. Our return rider rate is as high as 90%, so people love what we are doing.

- Our trip will be a tent camping adventure with non-camping options. About 80% of the group camps, but it is possible for non-campers to attend and stay indoors every night of our tour. A limited number of Bed and Breakfasts and motels are along our route. If indoor lodgings are off of our supported list, we will assist with the transport of their gear to and from our campsites. Due to the popularity of the area, early reservations are strongly recommended. Upon request, a listing of motels and Bed and Breakfasts will be sent with confirmation.

- Each cyclist can have their own choice of dining. Some prepare meals at our campsites. Participants buy food daily at designated spots and we transport it to the end point. We have a large amount of cooking stoves, equipment, and cutlery – no need to bring any of that gear to our tour. Others prefer to enjoy as many restaurants as the route allows. We will provide a list each day of what you will find along our route.Baggage System - Each morning you will bring your baggage to our truck. You are then free to ride at your own pace. Your bags will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the next campground or indoor selection.

Tour Support:
- During the ride, our support vehicle will be at your service if you need a lift or other assistance. Maps and information materials will help guide you along the way.

Preparation and Equipment:
- We will carry whatever you feel you need to enjoy the tour. You must supply your own tent and sleeping bag.


NOTE: This Tour Is Not Scheduled For This year - It Will Return In Future Seasons

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Entry Options:
All tour prices are quoted in CAD (Canadian Dollars).  American and foreign participants have the amounts converted to their current exchange rate.
*Credit Card - (Visa and MasterCard) put through by phone at 888-800-2498. For security reasons please do not send credit card numbers by email or text.
*PayPal - we send an email link that goes to the secure PayPal site.
*Personal Cheque or Money Order - by mail to PO Box 1555 Stn CRO Halifax NS B3J 2Y3 (U.S. residents contact us for what the U.S. currency rate is for that day.  note postage rate to Canada is higher than domestic. )
*Interact or Wire Transfer - Please contact us and we will check if this can can set up without unreasonable charge from your area.

Youth and Child Rates:
We have rates for youth and children, please contact us.

All taxes are included.

Deposits – Getting on Board:
To secure a spot on one of our trips a $300 deposit is required. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the day of departure. If we do not receive your final balance on time, we will consider your reservation cancelled. We will attempt to remind you as the date nears.

Cancellations and Change to Later Trip Charges:
We understand things happen in life and sometimes you have to cancel or defer your bike tour.  A fair amount of work and arrangements are involved with each registration ACC receives and the cancellation timeline outlined below is strictly adhered to.  Exceptions will not be made for any reason. This includes weather or personal emergencies.  We highly suggest that you purchase travel insurance. There are many companies that offer inexpensive trip insurance, and we recommend you look into it.

Your cancellation fee will be determined based on the day the written notice is received. There is no refund if you arrive late or must leave a tour early.

Change to later Trip Option - Registrations may be forwarded to a future event within 3 years with the timeline outlined below. Moving your tour ahead is a better deal than the costs of cancelling outright.

Cancellation Fee
Over 60 Days refund minus $200
31-60 Daysrefund minus $400
16-30 Days50% of trip price
15 Days or lessno refund
Change to Later Trip Fee
Over 60 Days $100 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years
31-60 Days$200 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years
16-30 Days$300 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years
15 Days or less$400 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years

Travel Insurance:
Since there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy outlined above, unfortunately including personal emergencies, we highly recommend that each participant have cancellation and travel insurance.  This type of insurance covers illness, accident, loss of luggage, or other unforeseen occurrences. In addition, we also recommend travelers health insurance to supplement your own medical insurance. Atlantic Canada Cycling does not provide travel insurance or health/accident insurance. This is strictly the participant’s responsibility.

Cancellation of Event:
Atlantic Canada Cycling has never had a cancelled event in its twenty-seven years. We do, however, reserve the right to cancel any scheduled tour. In this event you will receive a full refund of any money paid (for tour operation only).  In this event ACC is not responsible for expenses incurred by individuals in preparation for the trip such as non-refundable airline tickets, medical expenses, equipment etc.

ACC Registration Form:
Our Participant Form is below. It should open in a new page in your browser. If not, try to right click and “save target as”, "file as" or "linked content as", depending on your browser to download. The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is on most computers but if not you can download from Adobe. If you have problems, please contact us, we can email or fax a form to you. Call us at 888-800-2498

ACC Registration Form:  Click Here!
ACC Registration Form


We would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.

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