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Our participants are so wonderful! Thanks to all who join us for our bicycle tours each summer. We will always try harder every year to earn your respect and keep our service to you to high standards. Here are a few comments you have sent our way.

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D. Harriman

I wanted to write quickly and thank you for designing a very enjoyable cycling trip. Both Lois and I had a terrific time, and beyond bicycling really enjoyed our first exposure to Nova Scotia. The province is beautiful, and at least by standards of further south, rather un-commercialized and unspoiled

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M. Molly

Thanks for making the biking so much easier. Great routes. I’d like to do another one with you.

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L. Coolen

You have been able to provide a person from the States a glimpse into the beauty and culture of a spectacular province. I have also got to hang out with cool Canadians. Thanks for your dedication and hard work.

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J. Schrisema

I consider your event the best bicycling tour experience I’ve ever had. Let’s hope it continues to prosper and be held for a long time.

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L. Tucker

Super - it wasn`t "over organized" - enough flexibility to do your own thing, yet, enough info etc. to make it a great experience."

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D. Cohen

I enjoyed the previous tour I did with you and have the same positive feeling after completing this one. I will strongly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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P. MacGrail

Thanks for an enjoyable first bike tour!

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T. Farquar

I like the whole thing... the group experience is important, the riding challenge is important, the support is vital, cooking together is fun, going to a restaurant together after a long ride is wonderful, and the scenery and the villages we pass through are delightful.

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A. Emo

I highly recommend this trip. The camping facilities were great (I did stay in a B&B at Crows Head). Labrador was magnificent. I liked the idea of being able to hike, cycle and perhaps sea kayak all in one day. I would recommend bringing along some water proofed booties for cycling as we did have rain one evening. Also I recommend taking along warm clothes as it can get quite cool especially as you travel farther north. A good tent is essential too in case you get rain.

I met a great bunch of people on the Tour. Gary and his staff did a terrific job. It is a trip I could easily repeat and I highly recommend it as a place you must see.

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T. Webb

I think the tour was very successful - and obviously word is spreading - the tour was superb. Thanks!

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L. Rosmarin

It exceeded our expectations because of the kindness of both organizers and cyclists

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G. Helmkamp

Caroline and I want to extend to you our greatest appreciation for opening our minds and bodies to the experience of Newfoundland and Labrador. Your leadership was absolutely superb, and your attention to all riders needs and queries was outstanding. The route and accommodations could not have been better.

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B. Murphy

Liked the group camaraderie, the scenery, the buzz, the style of the tour. Don’t change the style. Like a big group camping trip things go wrong, but if the attitude is right, it all works out.

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Truly an inspired and inspiring tour. Great scenery, every day was different - scenery, weather, terrain. What a nice group of people I have met. Thanks and good luck.

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J. Berry

Thanks. Great time as always.

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J. Young

I appreciated the slow transition into more challenging rides as the tour progressed each day offered new sights to see and appreciate. I always felt safe and accounted for throughout each ride and that I would make it safely to the day's final destination despite any accidental detours.  Overall it was an amazing trip and I hope to join other tours in the future.

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R. Rolston

We have done the Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Eastern PEI tours over the past four summers. Always a great time and amazing for my legs and cardio. I like seafood too and being out East. Can't wait.

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Y. Legere

I had a really rough day suffering from a migraine and I found the support team very helpful, stopping to check on me every once in a while and taking me to the hospital very promptly. You were very helpful and I thank you sincerely

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A. Darke

Thanks again to you and your staff for a most memorable experience. I think you should charge more for all the effort you put in!

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B. Devlin

Im still glowing and telling great stories about the Newfoundland trip ... especially the wonderous head wind and rain on that fateful day past the airport! Our photos are great as well.
(We) had a great time - thanks for making it possible!

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