1,000,000 visitors! Atlantic Canada Cycling has had a web site since the very first beginnings of the Internet. many years later, we have been on watch duty, over our visitor counter, watching for ACC’s 1,000,000th visitor. And it just clicked over….


Look at small counter fourth line down 🙂 – It just clicked and we were on hand to catch the exact hit! This total is real human visitors, not “bots”,not Google “checking in”, not ACC working on site, etc., etc. One million people. This is more people than all that live in our home base of Nova Scotia. (940,592). We do not know who this person was, could be, it will remain is obscurity. Regardless of how many visitors, will will always end up with 20 to 40 people actually biking. Looks like there are a LOT of armchair cyclists out there Thank you for being a part of all this 2015 tours are at https://www.atlanticcanadacycling.com/bicycle-tours

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