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Does anybody have any advise about getting my bicycle on the plane? I’m having trouble locating a good hard-sided bike box (or any, for that matter), and am wondering if using a cardboard box from a bike shop will work. I’m curious how other people have done it and can offer suggestions.

Gary Conrod

Sally how many legs in the flight? It depends on how much handling it will get.

2 weeks ago
Alex Svetlitsky

I’m renting a bike box

1 week ago
Sally Loomis Alex Svetlitsky That would have been a good idea — I tried to get one from my local cycling club, but they “can’t find it”!! I’m going with the bike shop bike box. The guy packing if for me has successfully gotten his bike (and his wife’s) to Nova Scotia and to France — so I’m going for it.

1 week ago