Route-Verte Monteregie Bicycle Tour
July 17-23, 2019


New cycling tour We are happy to announce a new cycling tour for 2019!  Located between Montreal and the Appalachian Mountains near New York State, Montérégie offers nearly 1,000 km of designated bikeways, including 600 km of paved bike paths!  Derived from the Latin form of the name Mont-Royal (mons regius) is named after the five hills that form the range between Montreal and the U.S.A.   

The terrain of our riding however is the flattest we have ever had, the five big hills are set as nature preserves and out route goes around them.  This allows us to do more distance – don’t be put off by the daily distance totals, we will not have many climbs and should easily move along.   Some days will have longer options, and a few will have short-cuts. 


Tour Outline

Route-Verte Monteregie Bicycle Tour Outline


Wednesday, July 17 – Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to Franklin
Thursday, July 18 – Franklin to Napierville
Friday, July 19 – Napierville to Saint-Césaire
Saturday, July 20 – Day Ride Route Des Champs and Granbyenne Bicycle Paths
Sunday, July 21 – Saint-Césaire to Venise-en-Quebec
Monday, July 22 – Venise-en-Quebec to Saint-Chrysostome
Tuesday, July 23 – Saint-Chrysostome to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Wednesday, July 17 – Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to Franklin 48/75/101  km (30/47/63 mi.)
We cycle along the Beauharnois Canal.  At one time this was the connecting waterway for the Saint Lawrence Seaway.  Today it has cycling paths alongside.

Thursday, July 18 – Franklin to Napierville 68 (42 mi.)
We cycle the length of the paved Sentier Du Paysan cycling trail.

Friday, July 19 – Napierville to Saint-Césaire 79 km (49 mi.)
We follow along the Richelieu River, with break at Chambly with its canal and historic Fort Chambly.  It is the longest day of the tour.  It has, however, just 94 metres of climbing.

Saturday, July 20 – Day Ride Route Des Champs and Granbyenne Bicycle Paths 73/86 km (45/53 mi.)
Most of today is on cycling paths to and from Granby. We stay in the same place a second evening.

Sunday, July 21 – Saint-Césaire to Venise-en-Quebec 70 km (44 mi.)
We cycle a portion of the L’Estriade cycling trail on the way to the tip of Lake Champlain.

Monday, July 22 – Venise-en-Quebec to Saint-Chrysostome 71 km (44 mi.)
Another chance to ride the Sentier Du Paysan cycling trail toward the southern border of Quebec.

Tuesday, July 23 – Saint-Chrysostome to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield 72 km (45 mi.)
We return to Valleyfield with cycling along the paved canal towpath.

Tour Details

What We Provide: – Comprehensive ride guide; all about what you will experience on route, history, culture, trivia -camping facilities -luggage transfer; we will carry your gear, just bike and enjoy the ride! -bike mechanic assistance -sag wagon service –support vehicle available for breakdowns or drives to shorten your day -daily route maps -tour escort; Gary Conrod will be along the route, he has 184,000 kilometres cycling experience, including thousands of kilometers of riding in Quebec.

About Our Tours:  Our tours are different!  We run friendly and fun bicycle-camping trips.  There are not many groups left like us out there doing this. Running inexpensive tours by camping and not doing inns is now a rarity. We have done it this way since way back in 1987.  It gets a little bit harder each year to crawl in and out of tents – we are not getting any younger, but we would still rather be doing it our way – under the stars.

Our events usually have between 18 and 35 people, the majority older adults.  Since our camping groups are a bit larger compared to inn to inn tours, there are far greater chances of finding others with the same interests. During a week to 10 day tour everyone gets to know pretty well everyone else.   Rather than a tour with just a handful of people, possibly none you have things in common with, our size allows a wide range of personalities, interests, and similar riding speeds. We feel our trips are just the right size for fitting in.  Lots of friendships are made on our tours.

We run our tours in prime natural settings in Eastern and Atlantic Canada.  Our tours are a bit harder to get to – they will need more planning.   Running events in remoter regions with limited options raises costs a bit more than if we did them in busier places.  We feel getting away from the heat, humidity, cities, stress, tension, and traffic makes the experiences we offer completely worth it.  Our return rate is among the highest of any cycling organization – as high as 90% on some tours, so overall people seem to love what we are doing and value their experiences.

Accommodation:  Our trip will be a tent camping adventure, but for some  who say their camping days are behind them can join in on our journeys. A limited number of Bed and Breakfasts and motels are along our route. Upon request, a listing of motels and Bed and Breakfasts will be sent with confirmation. Due to the small places we go to, early reservations are strongly recommended.

Meals: Each cyclist can have their own choice of dining. Some prepare meals at our campsites. Participants buy food daily at designated spots and we transport it to the end point. We have a large amount of cooking stoves, equipment, and cutlery – no need to bring any of that gear to our tour. Others prefer to enjoy as many restaurants as the route allows. We will provide a list each day of what you will find along our route.


Baggage System:  Each morning you will bring your baggage to our truck. You are then free to ride at your own pace. Your bags will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the next campground or indoor selection.

Tour Support:  During the ride, our support vehicle will be at your service if you need a lift or other assistance. Maps and information materials will help guide you along the way.

Preparation and Equipment:  We will carry whatever you feel you need to enjoy the tour. You must supply your own bicycle, tent and sleeping bag.

Join Us On Our Tour!

Entry Fee: $938 CAD (Canadian Dollars)

Returning Participants Appreciation:
We are proud of having among highest the return rates of all bicycle touring organizations. In appreciation, returning riders are offered $100 off.

Entry Options:
*Credit Card - (Visa and MasterCard) - We put cards through by phone to avoid sensitive information passing through our web site.  Please call us at 888-800-2498; or 902-423-2453.  Please also for security reasons, do not send credit card numbers by email or text.  American and foreign participants have the Canadian amount converted to their currency at the current exchange rate.

*PayPal - we can send you an email with a link that goes to our PayPal page. American and foreign participants have the Canadian amount converted to their currency at the current exchange rate.

*Personal Cheque or Money Order - Postal mail:  PO Box 1555 Stn CRO Halifax NS B3J 2Y3 Canada. Note that the bank rate is different than the "paper" rate.  Use this link on the day you send payment   Exchange Rates  Use the column (Client Sells - Receives Canadian). If the math gets complicated contact us and we will help sort it out.   Note that the postage rate to Canada is higher than U.S. domestic rate, ask what it currently is, mail can be turned back.

*E-transfer - Canadians can use email transfer - send payment link to [email protected]

*Wire Transfer - please contact us and we will check if this can set up without unreasonable charge from your area.

Youth and Child Rates:
We have rates for youth and children, please contact us for details.

All taxes are included.

Deposits – Getting on Board:
To secure a spot on one of our trips a $300 deposit is required. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the day of departure. If we do not receive your final balance on time, we will consider your reservation cancelled. We will attempt to remind you as the date nears.

Cancellations and Change to Later Trip Charges:
We understand things happen in life and sometimes you have to cancel or defer your bike tour.  A fair amount of work and arrangements are involved with each registration ACC receives and the cancellation timeline outlined below is strictly adhered to.  Exceptions will not be made for any reason. This includes weather or personal emergencies.  We highly suggest that you purchase travel insurance. There are many companies that offer inexpensive trip insurance, and we recommend you look into it.

Your cancellation fee will be determined based on the day the written notice is received. There is no refund if you arrive late or must leave a tour early.

Change to later Trip Option - Registrations may be forwarded to a future event within 3 years with the timeline outlined below. Moving your tour ahead is a better deal than the costs of cancelling outright.

Cancellation Fee
Over 60 Daysrefund minus $200
31-60 Daysrefund minus $400
16-30 Days50% of trip price
15 Days or lessno refund
Change to Later Trip Fee
Over 60 Days$100 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years
31-60 Days$200 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years
16-30 Days$300 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years
15 Days or less$400 fee; remaining credit may be used within 3 years

Travel Insurance:
Since there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy outlined above, unfortunately including personal emergencies, we highly recommend that each participant have cancellation and travel insurance.  This type of insurance covers illness, accident, loss of luggage, or other unforeseen occurrences. In addition, we also recommend travelers health insurance to supplement your own medical insurance. Atlantic Canada Cycling does not provide travel insurance or health/accident insurance. This is strictly the participant’s responsibility.

Cancellation of Event:
Atlantic Canada Cycling has never had a cancelled event in its twenty-seven years. We do, however, reserve the right to cancel any scheduled tour. In this event you will receive a full refund of any money paid (for tour operation only).  In this event ACC is not responsible for expenses incurred by individuals in preparation for the trip such as non-refundable airline tickets, medical expenses, equipment etc.

ACC Registration Form:
Our Participant Form is below. It should open in a new page in your browser. If not, try to right click and “save target as”, "file as" or "linked content as", depending on your browser to download. The form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is on most computers but if not you can download from Adobe. If you have problems, please contact us, we can email or fax a form to you. [email protected] Call us at 888-800-2498

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