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Prince Edward Island West Bicycle Tour

Cycling Prince Edward Island - fun week long bicycle tour on PEI


A naturalist’s paradise, Prince Edward Island is one of the top cycling destinations in North America! Circling the island are 40 glorious beaches, ranging from bright red clay to pure white sand. Bird sanctuaries are numerous, seal colonies lie along the shore, and occasional whales and porpoises are sighted. Inland, the rural nature of the island’s old homesteads is enhanced by stretches of untouched woodland. Even while pedaling through its pastoral farmlands, you never feel far away from the ocean and its refreshing breezes. Prince Edward Island is everything you have heard it is. Join us for our fun and friendly tour around the island this summer!

The Prince Edward Island Bicycle Tour is an enjoyable and inexpensive cycling vacation. This supported group camping trip is a friendly event, with a great deal of socializing. Along the way, we will learn about Prince Edward Island’s important role in Canada’s history, discover its incredible variety, and experience what makes the island distinct. This is a tour which will be both spectacular and memorable.

The PEI tour alternates each year between the eastern and western sides of the island. This year our adventure in Canada’s smallest province will take in PEI’s central and western sections. We will follow scenic back roads, enabling us to experience the rural flavour of the island. No matter where we are, we will never be far from its shores, which we will visit often. The shallow depths allow us to swim in the warmest waters north of Carolina. We will also include options to explore parts of the province’s trail system, which follow the path of old train lines. The Prince Edward Island West Bicycle Tour has gently rolling terrain and varied scenery, with natural attractions and quiet seacoasts.

We try hard on our Prince Edward Island tours to fit in both experienced riders and also at the same time welcome newer and more casual cyclists.  For riders looking for higher distance each day, don’t skip over touring PEI.  We have prepared most days extra routes along peninsulas and harbours to explore.  On this tour we can have both types of riders enjoying exploring the Island.  

In addition to cycling to our favourite hidden corners, we will enjoy campfires, swim at beaches, wander on shoreline walks, take trails, taste great seafood. Our week on Prince Edward Island will be fun, social, and rewarding.

Tour Outline

Borden-Carleton to Prince Edward Island National Park
Prince Edward Island National Park to Linkletter
Linkletter to Kildare
North Cape Day Ride
Kildare to Cedar Dunes
Cedar Dunes to Cap Egmont
Cap Egmont to Borden-Carleton

Borden-Carleton – Prince Edward Island National Park 67 km (41 mi.)
Our tour begins, and we head northward.  Today we face a few medium-sized hills. This cross-country route across the province is set in a pleasant patchwork quilt of farmland. It is always a favourite among cyclists. We emerge on the other side of the province at Cavendish, at Prince Edward Island National Park. The park is famous for its huge white sand beach.

Prince Edward Island National Park – Linkletter 73/59 km (44/36 mi.)  
There will be options today.  There are several short-cuts to allow an easier day or more time in the small town of Alberton.  Near town, we can ride out to Northport Harbour.  Northport has a restaurant and a marina, a very good spot for a break and some good photos. These docks are the landing place of Giant Bluefin tuna. This is a great seafood port.

Linkletter – Kildare 77 km (47 mi.)
Today is the longest day of the tour.   It has however also the lowest amount of elevation gain of the event, so this should also be doable for any newer or more casual riders.  Our campsite today is at Jacques Cartier Park of the town of Alberton along the ocean and is quite attractive, directly touching the beach. You will want to spend some time here enjoying the ocean.

North Cape Day Ride  65 km (40 mi.)
Today we go to the far western tip of the Island.  At West Point Lighthouse, we can see where the Northumberland Strait meets the mighty Gulf of St. Lawrence. We return back for a second night and beautiful view at Jacques Cartier Park.

Kildare – Cedar Dunes 68 km (42 mi.)
Today’s ride should be among the favourite sections of the tour of most riders. On the west coast, the scenery is magnificent. The landscape is gently rolling and the traffic is low. We follow the coastline and visit a large fishing community. We stop our riding at Cedar Dunes, a wonderful large sandy beach and the end of a full day.

Cedar Dunes – Cap Egmont 75 km (43 mi.)
This is PEI’s world famous potato country. The latter half of the day passes one of the remaining areas from a time when French-speaking people lived on the entire island.  An option today is to ride part of the Confederation Trail, in this region in good condition. Tonight is our last night together and we plan some socializing.

Cap Egmont – Borden-Carleton 70 km (43 mi.)
Continuing our way eastward, we squeeze through where PEI is at its narrowest point.  Summerside  has an interesting and active waterfront.  Red clay cliffs edge us along a very pleasant section of Northumberland Strait.  Soon the Confederation Bridge comes into view, and all too soon we end our island vacation back at Borden-Carleton.

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