The first seeds of Incline Sports were planted September 1999, I was visiting the Miramichi area and I was checking the phone book for bike shops to check out (as I always did while on the road). Although there was a couple of listings under bicycles I found there was nothing available in the area as far as quality service and equipment went. Since I was “between jobs” at the time I started to consider the option of starting my own shop in Miramichi. I always knew what I wanted to offer and started to put the plan in action, it took several months of research and paperwork but it all paid off and we opened on March 1, 2000. It was hard at first, filling our small location in the T&R Sports building, but the public demand helped us grow our inventory fairly quickly. Before long we could not operate in the 650 square foot store, we relocated to our location on Pleasant Street where we remained from April 2001 until November 2010. If you haven’t been in to our new location at 1753 Water St. you really should check it out, we are very proud of it.

I have always stuck with my original business plan and philosophy, offering a higher level of service and a better quality product at a fair price. I have always believed that people are looking for good reliable products, and those people realize that the value in such products does cost a little more up front. I also am very dedicated to knowing and using the majority of the products we offer, as many of you know I am an avid mountain biker, road cyclist and Cyclo-Cross racer. All of the staff at Incline Sports has been hired from our customer base and each of them is knowledgeable and uses many of the products we offer.

We recently celebrated thirteen years of serving the community and things are going pretty good. We have lots of exciting new products to offer every year, and we have virtually no limit when it comes to what is available to us. If you ask for it we will do our best to provide it at the best possible price.

Thanks to all of you, our loyal customers, without your support we could not offer the level of service and product we currently do.

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