My first ride, Baja, Mexico was done in the 80's. The second goal was the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I rode this in July. The opportunity was Gary Conrod, ( who conducted a tour of the trail as part of his schedule of rides. Gary runs well organized but hands off tours. He trucks your luggage, arranges for campgrounds, and supplies a simple route sheet. The rest is up to you. The cue sheet gives one word directions (left, right) at local landmarks. One day he used an actual sentence... “Left, Listen! We Said Left! Don’t Go Up The Hill”. You get the idea. A unique feature of the cue sheet is that it locates the first and last restaurant of the day and a likely stop for lunch (if they are open). And for those eating in camp, the location of a store where you may put your bagged purchase in a bin provided. Gary will then pick it up and bring it to camp for the end of the day. Ice cream is not a good purchase.