The Newfoundland trip has a little bit of everything - hills, flats, riding along the ocean, riding in Tundra and some good hiking. Along the way we were able to catch a glimpse at whales, and even saw icebergs! Newfoundland is a remote area of Canada, and you get to experience great open spaces;, which also means limited services to some extent. There is never a day without something along the way, but you definitely realize that you are removed from the congested city life. The trip is well planned out, and the cycling nicely spread out over the ten days. The longest day of the trip is not overly challenging - unless Mother Nature has her way. Last year we ended up having our worst weather day on our longest day, which meant colder weather than expected, and some tough head winds - but it is all part of experiencing Newfoundland. The weather can change quickly, and we saw that first hand. I really enjoyed the trip, and would highly recommend it.