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Our participants are so wonderful! Thanks to all who join us for our bicycle tours each summer. We will always try harder every year to earn your respect and keep our service to you to high standards. Here are a few comments you have sent our way.

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T. Farquar

I like the whole thing... the group experience is important, the riding challenge is important, the support is vital, cooking together is fun, going to a restaurant together after a long ride is wonderful, and the scenery and the villages we pass through are delightful.

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D. Bergan

We did the Cabot Trail on rented hybrids and had no trouble with the hills. Suggest you do some hill work prior to the tour. It’s a very nice scenic tour and ACC does a great job with supporting the riders. Enjoy.

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D. Brown

We loved it. A simple inexpensive, no frills tour. Just what we were looking for.

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J. Brougher

I thought the cooking format worked well. I had never done it that way before. You were well equipped, and I kinda enjoy the challenge of making a meal from what is. The potluck, especially, was very enjoyable...

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G. Helmkamp

It was a fabulous combination of scenic beauty, congenial camping and cooking, and reasonable cost.

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F. Iannotti

This is the best tour I have ever done!

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G. Helmkamp

Perfect, with lots of time to get off the bike, relax, shop for food, etc.

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K. Hughes

Fantastic trip - thanks for everything!

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C. McKillop

Many thanks, PEI is truly a beautiful province.

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F. Iannotti

Make sure you bring plenty of film -- as well as plenty of warm clothes. You may not need the warm riding stuff at all, of course, but just on the chance that you encounter the weather we did --
The scenery is out of this world, really.

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K. Rivers

Finished the Cape Breton tour on Monday with a great group of folks. Thank you for a wonderful week of cycling.

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D. Cohen

I enjoyed the previous tour I did with you and have the same positive feeling after completing this one. I will strongly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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D. Bardsley

Thank you again for another wonderful experience. I now have the winter to ponder which trip I will join next year.

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D. Bardsley

13 out of 10

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D. Ransom

The trip was a joy in many ways. Very challenging for me, but finding that I could do it was exhilarating. I’ve returned in a better place with myself and the world. Ill detour for the Newfoundland tour next year.

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L. Poplak

The first thing I would tell you about the tour is that there were cyclists of all strengths participating, from novices to experts, and I believe that everybody found the tour to be well designed, and challenging. The terrain is sometimes hilly, but the big factor is wind -- tailwinds and you’re laughing, headwinds you’re crying.

Atlantic Canada Cycling’s management style of the tour was very good -- they don’t baby you, so that you feel like you’re accomplishing the tour on your own -- but they provide enough support that you don’t have to worry about anything but cycling and having a good time

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L. Mallory

Everyone compatible, organization great.

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L. Marlow

Many thanks for the adventure, laughter and fun. Hope to see you next summer.

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M. Sobel

The Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean Tour was outstanding. The other tour members were a highlight for me.

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J. Boylin

Good rides, good roads, good company.

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