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Our participants are so wonderful! Thanks to all who join us for our bicycle tours each summer. We will always try harder every year to earn your respect and keep our service to you to high standards. Here are a few comments you have sent our way.

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W. Miller

This was my favorite organized bike trip thus far. I've been on five before this one. PEI is absolutely beautiful! You did an outstanding job on this trip- kudos to you!

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J. Young

I appreciated the slow transition into more challenging rides as the tour progressed each day offered new sights to see and appreciate. I always felt safe and accounted for throughout each ride and that I would make it safely to the day's final destination despite any accidental detours.  Overall it was an amazing trip and I hope to join other tours in the future.

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B. Murphy

Liked the group camaraderie, the scenery, the buzz, the style of the tour. Don’t change the style. Like a big group camping trip things go wrong, but if the attitude is right, it all works out.

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M. Glandorf

Would like to offer congratulations to all who had a hand in the organization - and a big thank-you.

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S. Datars

We feel we got more than our money’s worth.

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D. Keystone

I liked the fact that everyone can do the trip in their own way - no pressure to be anywhere and no competition. You can feel free to do what you can at your own speed.

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A. Emo

This was my first time in Newfoundland. I always wanted to go but was put off in the past with the thought of a lot of rain. I was pleasantly surprised. We had great weather for the most part and were blessed with a lot of sunshine and warm weather at the beginning of the Tour. I just fell in love with Newfoundland. I loved the scenery and the people were very friendly, the roads were clean and the air was fresh. Hiking was great in Gros Morne park even though we could not hike to the top because of the nesting season (not open until July 1st). Saw lots of moose and some caribou and of course whales

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R. Rittichier

Thanks for being so helpful to a relative newcomer to biking. You were so helpful to help me with my wheel problem.

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Y. Legere

I had a really rough day suffering from a migraine and I found the support team very helpful, stopping to check on me every once in a while and taking me to the hospital very promptly. You were very helpful and I thank you sincerely

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L. Monet

I loved it. It was one of the greatest experiences I had. The people were so friendly! You did a wonderful job to organize this tour!!

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A. Enright

I appreciate how well the organizers worked together. I didn't have to worry about running out of water, nor about little particulars that might have occurred. It made for a stress-free ride.

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S. Jesson

My son and I just signed up for the Cape Breton Tour.We did the PEI tour two years ago and had a great time. We are a little worried about the mountains on this tour but we started our training yesterday. And it is good to know that Gary and his crew are only a phone call away.

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V. Bernhards

I have participated in over 30 multi-day bike tours since 1994. The ACC tours have been among the best and I will certainly return for more tours with Gary. I will keep an eye on your website to see what you have planned for next year and the years to come.

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B. Jones

Very personal, very well done, good group spirit.

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J. Brougher

I just wanted to say thank you in general for a wow tour. I thought you id a fine job of working hard to meet our needs and answer our unending questions.

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J. Young

I know there are other cycling tour options to choose from and there is a reason people pick ACC over them. You all provide just the right amount of support and tell it like it is, which I appreciate. From the crew to the riders, everyone is there to enjoy the ride and share in a beautiful experience. I hope your future tours are successful and I hope to be back next year for another adventure. Thank you so much for providing the services to make this possible and I wish you guys all the best!

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T. Morley

Looking forward to another good ride. Thank you for your help and dedication to cycling.

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P. Davison

Another most excellent tour.

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P. Bresnick

I think it was well organized.  Overall though the coffee was always ready, and the gear ready at the end of the day. The food and beer stops were easy to find. I think everyone in your organization wanted to make it successful for all the riders.

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L. Poplak

The first thing I would tell you about the tour is that there were cyclists of all strengths participating, from novices to experts, and I believe that everybody found the tour to be well designed, and challenging. The terrain is sometimes hilly, but the big factor is wind -- tailwinds and you’re laughing, headwinds you’re crying.

Atlantic Canada Cycling’s management style of the tour was very good -- they don’t baby you, so that you feel like you’re accomplishing the tour on your own -- but they provide enough support that you don’t have to worry about anything but cycling and having a good time


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