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Our participants are so wonderful! Thanks to all who join us for our bicycle tours each summer. We will always try harder every year to earn your respect and keep our service to you to high standards. Here are a few comments you have sent our way.

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D. Carey

We indeed found that Gary and his crew made the entire trip a real treat with the services readily available to help out. We met others who had also been on more than one of ACC Eastern Canada tours, so that also speaks well of how smoothly things are organized. The only real variable is the weather, which NOBODY can predict or change.

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L. Poplak

The first thing I would tell you about the tour is that there were cyclists of all strengths participating, from novices to experts, and I believe that everybody found the tour to be well designed, and challenging. The terrain is sometimes hilly, but the big factor is wind -- tailwinds and you’re laughing, headwinds you’re crying.

Atlantic Canada Cycling’s management style of the tour was very good -- they don’t baby you, so that you feel like you’re accomplishing the tour on your own -- but they provide enough support that you don’t have to worry about anything but cycling and having a good time

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G. Whitlock

Thank you for leading a terrific cycling tour. It certainly has met all my expectations. Hope to see you on another trip

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K. Rivers

Finished the Cape Breton tour on Monday with a great group of folks. Thank you for a wonderful week of cycling.

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Truly an inspired and inspiring tour. Great scenery, every day was different - scenery, weather, terrain. What a nice group of people I have met. Thanks and good luck.

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J. Berg

My expectations were to be wowed with my first time in Canada, learn more about bikecamping, and meet lots of new folks.
The Chaudiere-Appalaches Tour landscape was stunning, the campsites were beautiful, weather perfect, 2-day camping was crucial, and the organization was amazing. All the grocery stops were fantastic. Cant wait to go on another one or even repeat this one!

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D. Plane

Hope you will be able to stick with the operation for a number more years while we are still capable of going with your groups.

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L. & A. Brison

It is a very nice Island you have and thanks for sharing it.

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G. Helmkamp

Caroline and I want to extend to you our greatest appreciation for opening our minds and bodies to the experience of Newfoundland and Labrador. Your leadership was absolutely superb, and your attention to all riders needs and queries was outstanding. The route and accommodations could not have been better.

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P. McCullough

You run a great adventure tour, and I thank you again. See you next summer.

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I hope to do Cape Breton this year. I very much enjoyed how well you and your guys organized PEI. Thanks!

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D. Ransom

The trip was a joy in many ways. Very challenging for me, but finding that I could do it was exhilarating. I’ve returned in a better place with myself and the world. Ill detour for the Newfoundland tour next year.

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R. & F. Boukall

We participated in the PEI tour five years ago. Had such a good time that we talked [friends] into joining us this time. We appreciated all the extras that were a part of this trip.

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B. Irvine

I remember the Cape Breton tour clearly. It was fantastic. I hope to do another tour with ACC one day... sooner than later.

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L. Chiofar

It was better than expected. Lots of support, camaraderie and amazing cycling!

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R. Rolston

We have done the Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Eastern PEI tours over the past four summers. Always a great time and amazing for my legs and cardio. I like seafood too and being out East. Can't wait.

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A. Emo

I highly recommend this trip. The camping facilities were great (I did stay in a B&B at Crows Head). Labrador was magnificent. I liked the idea of being able to hike, cycle and perhaps sea kayak all in one day. I would recommend bringing along some water proofed booties for cycling as we did have rain one evening. Also I recommend taking along warm clothes as it can get quite cool especially as you travel farther north. A good tent is essential too in case you get rain.

I met a great bunch of people on the Tour. Gary and his staff did a terrific job. It is a trip I could easily repeat and I highly recommend it as a place you must see.

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C. Green

We like the relaxed format (ie no guided bike tour, etc.) where you can do your own thing each day. As repeat people, its really fun to meet up with people we have met on the other tours.

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B. Batterman

I thought it was an exceedingly well run tour. Suggestions for side trips were I thought it was an exceedingly well run tour. Suggestions for side trips were great.

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D. Fuller

I enjoyed the "discovery" aspect and the relaxed attitude greatly.

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