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Our participants are so wonderful! Thanks to all who join us for our bicycle tours each summer. We will always try harder every year to earn your respect and keep our service to you to high standards. Here are a few comments you have sent our way.

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G. Helmkamp

Perfect, with lots of time to get off the bike, relax, shop for food, etc.

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C. McKillop

Many thanks, PEI is truly a beautiful province.

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R. Kilmoyer

To some people it was a challenge and they did fine, we actually added about 15 miles (24 km) /day (but we bike a lot).

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A. Enright

Overall. I think that if you have an open mind for such a trip, that only good things can really be said. There is nothing negative that stands out in my mind of any consequence - I am very appreciative of the great time I had and hope to repeat in the future!

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K. Bowman

First class function. After lots more experiences elsewhere Ive come back to appreciate it even more by contrast to the other events.

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J-P McIntyre

I would like to say thank you for one of the best event I have ever participated in. It was great. I do have one regret, it is that I never did it before now. I loved the people I met, a great bunch of people and your staff was very helpful and great to have around.

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G. Wilson

The Newfoundland Trip was great- Day 8 with the wind, rain and cold I could have done without but then there was no charge for that.

It was a wonderful trip-thanks for all your organization. I hope to ride again with ACC!

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T. Nicastri

We have traveled a lot but liked very few places as much as your Newfoundland tour. All the many people who we sent our virtual slide show to commented on the natural beauty of NF.

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J & M. Merner

Thanks for a great week - you certainly will see us again.

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P. Lalande

Thank you very much... We’ll probably see each other again. Perhaps on the Newfoundland tour...!!!

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C. & D. Wilson

We wanted to thank-you again for an awesome weekend! We really enjoyed our first tour with Atlantic Canada Cycling and look forward to more. We appreciate all you did to make sure that we were safe and secure on the trails and on the campsites.

Despite the weather is was a well-organized and run trip. It was the best way to see the Cabot Trail for my first time! Again thank you for all that you did.

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M. Smith
M. Smith

I loved the Newfoundland trip last year, and would like to return this year but can't decide between PEI West, Nova Scotia East or Cape Breton. Hoping to get on one of your amazing adventures again this summer.

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K. Bota

The Newfoundland trip has a little bit of everything - hills, flats, riding along the ocean, riding in Tundra and some good hiking. Along the way we were able to catch a glimpse at whales, and even saw icebergs! Newfoundland is a remote area of Canada, and you get to experience great open spaces;, which also means limited services to some extent. There is never a day without something along the way, but you definitely realize that you are removed from the congested city life. The trip is well planned out, and the cycling nicely spread out over the ten days. The longest day of the trip is not overly challenging - unless Mother Nature has her way. Last year we ended up having our worst weather day on our longest day, which meant colder weather than expected, and some tough head winds - but it is all part of experiencing Newfoundland. The weather can change quickly, and we saw that first hand. I really enjoyed the trip, and would highly recommend it.

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A. Kadar

I definitely feel that I got my money's worth from the trip, and will probably do another one of your excursions sometime soon.

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F. Iannotti

This is the best tour I have ever done!

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R. Gordon

Congratulations on all your hard work - it is appreciated on our behalf. Makes the holiday so much easier for participants.

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M. Morrison

Meeting new people from all over, coming together, making new friends and bicycling. It can’t get any better than that.

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T. Griffin

Thank you for a wonderful few days. I enjoyed myself and would come again. I spoke to several women who went along to this weekend but felt safe and comfortable doing so. So would I.

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R. Rolston

We have done the Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Eastern PEI tours over the past four summers. Always a great time and amazing for my legs and cardio. I like seafood too and being out East. Can't wait.

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L. & A. Brison

It is a very nice Island you have and thanks for sharing it.


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