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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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J. Antonietti

Thanks for the most amazing trip.
We have travelled with various bike touring companies,you are one of the well organized,super service,and happy crews of all. Till next trip.

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A. Moore

This was my second tour - the first was so enjoyable, I wanted to do another. Well organized, good camping grounds, doable to a range of abilities. Wonderful tour in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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T. & M. Stites

Thanks again – it was far beyond what we hoped for. The crew was wonderful. The sag wagon was always where I needed it.

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T. Farquar

I like the whole thing... the group experience is important, the riding challenge is important, the support is vital, cooking together is fun, going to a restaurant together after a long ride is wonderful, and the scenery and the villages we pass through are delightful.

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A. Doyle

Met lots of good people. It was very sociable. Lots of freedom to do your own things. Certainly was well worth the $$. I am sure a lot of work goes this. Thank You.

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L. Poplak

The first thing I would tell you about the tour is that there were cyclists of all strengths participating, from novices to experts, and I believe that everybody found the tour to be well designed, and challenging. The terrain is sometimes hilly, but the big factor is wind -- tailwinds and you’re laughing, headwinds you’re crying.

Atlantic Canada Cycling’s management style of the tour was very good -- they don’t baby you, so that you feel like you’re accomplishing the tour on your own -- but they provide enough support that you don’t have to worry about anything but cycling and having a good time

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D. Milton

I am ready to sign up for next year.  The trip had a great flow, staff worked very hard, a great way to see the Atlantic provinces.  Well done.

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B. Murphy

Liked the group camaraderie, the scenery, the buzz, the style of the tour. Don’t change the style. Like a big group camping trip things go wrong, but if the attitude is right, it all works out.

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T. Farquar

I am not casting a vote for any particular route in the future. That’s your business. I won’t ride the St. John again, because there will be new roads to conquer. Just know that this rider had a great, great experience start to finish.

And my charcoal is about out from my small spring burn, so I’m collecting lumps for hardwood for another go next spring. As the acrid smoke fills the woods, I will be thinking of you and Atlantic Canada Cycling!

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S. Burell

Splendid weekend! Well-conceived and managed. Many Thanks.

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G. Wilson

The Newfoundland Trip was great- Day 8 with the wind, rain and cold I could have done without but then there was no charge for that.

It was a wonderful trip-thanks for all your organization. I hope to ride again with ACC!

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J. Brougher

I think the routes, the mileage, the sequence of the challenges, were all just right... At first, I was thinking the days were too short, but then I realized that not only was there plenty else to do, but there was lots of recovery time for the next challenge.

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F. Iannotti

It’s a once in a lifetime trip! Enjoy!

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A. Varner

As usual it was great. Amazing scenery, cycling, and group spirit. Thank you for a wonderful tour.

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J. & B. Ferguson

We really enjoyed the freedom to tour Nova Scotia seeing what we wanted and without needing deadlines.

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L. Grenon

I have not forgotten the wonderful Newfoundland Tour - unforgettable!

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F. Klesh

This is our third tour with Atlantic Canada Cycling. We are excited and looking forward to another great vacation.

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J. Schrisema

I consider your event the best bicycling tour experience I’ve ever had. Let’s hope it continues to prosper and be held for a long time.

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C. Bigeco

It was great. The scenery was spectacular and biking was a great way to see it. Further, as long as you were prepared to swallow your pride and take the sag wagon there was no reason why an averagely fit person couldn’t take the ride. Generally the organization gave you support but didn’t run your life.

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J. Brougher

I just wanted to say thank you in general for a wow tour. I thought you id a fine job of working hard to meet our needs and answer our unending questions.

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