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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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J. Grout

We love your website (and) your grass roots approach and the fact that we can prepare our own meals at the campsite. Also that there may be an option for bed and breakfasts.

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R. Kilmoyer

We were free to improvise go our way. Lots of options. We were lucky to have a great group of people!

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G. Whitlock

Thank you for leading a terrific cycling tour. It certainly has met all my expectations. Hope to see you on another trip

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K. Stobie

A great time cycling, a great group of people, a least one crappy rain day, good Quebec beer and food! The path back to Levi was absolutely fantastic. Seeing the mountains on the north shore and the St. Lawrence together just blew my mind.

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T. Farquhar

I'll throw in my two cents about the [Saint John River] Tour. It was perfect. You have achieved a marvelous balance of freedom and structure, independence for riders as well as support. Each tour makes the trip their own... collectively their own.

The last day was delightful. I was the last to leave Cabano that morning as the rain began. And I rode like a banshee all morning. At my age I like to create a sort of hard-day / easy-day rhythm, which permits me to get in a serious three-hour workout followed by a day of hanging out with the other riders and enjoying the sights along the route

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B. Linton

Your chosen routes clearly had scenic and low-traffic advantages.

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A. Burgess

The last eight days couldn't have been better. Grateful to all of you for the kindness, inspiration, hilarity, & rich memories

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V. Bernhards

I have participated in over 30 multi-day bike tours since 1994. The ACC tours have been among the best and I will certainly return for more tours with Gary. I will keep an eye on your website to see what you have planned for next year and the years to come.

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R. Janzen

The group dynamics were the most important factor to me in having a good tour and they were really excellent. There was a positive supportive and hospitable energy on the whole tour. It feels wrong not to be seeing you all again! I'm certainly up for more ACC tours in the future. Peace, love, happiness...see you on the road.

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D. Gallegos

Loved it! Somewhat hillier than I had expected, but I enjoyed the challenge. And having completed it, Now I can brag about it. Plus I can say again, it was so beautiful. We saw all kinds of things along the way.

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A. Belliveau

Good job all around. No complaints. Thank-you for all tour time + effort. Much appreciated 🙂

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J. Berg

My expectations were to be wowed with my first time in Canada, learn more about bikecamping, and meet lots of new folks.
The Chaudiere-Appalaches Tour landscape was stunning, the campsites were beautiful, weather perfect, 2-day camping was crucial, and the organization was amazing. All the grocery stops were fantastic. Cant wait to go on another one or even repeat this one!

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J. Webb

I thought the tour was run very smoothing, with just enough surprises (good ones) to enhance the experience. kept in touch with everybody and informed of what to expect, where to find food, local suppers, distances, etc.

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S. D’Angelo-Vibert

Gary Conrod runs a fantastic tour. He knows his stuff. This is my 4th one with ACC. You'd love it!! hope to see you again one day soon!

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J. Light

You're just about 100%, in fact you are 100% on the stuff within your control.

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D. Cloutier

I truly hope everyone had as great a time as I did. It was by far the most fun I had on a bike tour.

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J. Pillinger

I just want to let you know what an amazing experience the trip was. I was so impressed at the support and the patience you both had for myself and everyone else on the tour. That was the best week of vacation for me ever.

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S. Datars

We feel we got more than our money’s worth.

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L. Chiofar

I loved it! The distances were manageable, the campgrounds were lovely and the biking was beyond amazing!!

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D. Gamble

Thank you from the pampered princesses.

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