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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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J. Pillinger

I love that my pics are still up on the Cape Breton tour! Time of my life.

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R. Brison

This is my first bike tour, and thanks to you it won’t be my last.

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R. Monroe

I enjoyed the other people on this trip, the scenery, the choice of campgrounds and appreciated the coordination of all the logistics - ferries, etc - that were required for a trip such as this one.

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T. Webb

Liked the organization, the challenge of the "hills", the rush of awesome downhills, meeting neat people, having a hot shower, great weather, scenery …the fact that I did it!

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R. Rittichier

Thanks for being so helpful to a relative newcomer to biking. You were so helpful to help me with my wheel problem.

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A. Boissonnault

We are a family of four who did the PEI trip last summer. Our kids were 9 and 11 when we took the trip. We had taken two two-day trips to prepare for the trip, as well as some training runs at home. The kids enjoyed themselves, especially since all the adults seemed to take them under their respective wings. We took our time along the trail, and took many breaks. We were usually the last ones to arrive at the campsite, but somebody has to be last!!

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C. Smith

Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had cycling with you in PEI. This was the first time I’d gone on an organized tour. I really liked how well you thought out the itinerary, and provided us maps so we could set our own pace and alternate the route if we liked. I found some gravel roads that put my mountain bike to good use.

I like to provide somewhat for myself, so the chance to cook and camp without having to carry all my gear solo was nice. It was easy to make friends, yet have as much time alone as we wanted.
If you ever need a local recommendation Maine, Id be glad to talk with anyone about the PEI tour. Hope I will be able to go on the Newfoundland tour someday.

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F. Perkins

The tour was great - the maps and route planning were exceptional.

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M. Mills

Keep the tours coming. Thanks

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D. Cohen

What you are doing is priceless and I’d do it again.

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J. Boylin

Good rides, good roads, good company.

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K. Bota

The Newfoundland trip has a little bit of everything - hills, flats, riding along the ocean, riding in Tundra and some good hiking. Along the way we were able to catch a glimpse at whales, and even saw icebergs! Newfoundland is a remote area of Canada, and you get to experience great open spaces;, which also means limited services to some extent. There is never a day without something along the way, but you definitely realize that you are removed from the congested city life. The trip is well planned out, and the cycling nicely spread out over the ten days. The longest day of the trip is not overly challenging - unless Mother Nature has her way. Last year we ended up having our worst weather day on our longest day, which meant colder weather than expected, and some tough head winds - but it is all part of experiencing Newfoundland. The weather can change quickly, and we saw that first hand. I really enjoyed the trip, and would highly recommend it.

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T. Webb

Liked it immensely - it was awesome!

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H. Carson

Thanks for bringing together such a great group of people!

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M. Powers

I’d like to say that I had a very enjoyable time. The people were indescribably welcoming, the organization excellent and the countryside beautiful.

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S. Warne

I had a great time. The route planning was fantastic and ensured we were always on safe roads with great views. Also made sure we saw the best of Nova Scotia.

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D. Fairey

Thanks for another great tour.

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J. Eastman

Thanks to the support drivers and all staff. An excellent show of teamwork. Very pleased with all. Each and every one on staff a great big thank-you. You worked hard.

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C. James

Obviously a great deal of time, effort, and expertise went into the preparation of these. All were interesting, useful and complete, far surpassing my expectations.

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L. Chiofar

... an awesome support team. Everything was so well organized and I felt safe and cared for throughout the entire trip.

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