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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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C. Phalen

Since I’ve never attended one of these before I have nothing to compare it to but it seemed to be very well organized and run. Obviously a lot of work went into this.

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R. Gordon

Congratulations on all your hard work - it is appreciated on our behalf. Makes the holiday so much easier for participants.

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J. Antonietti

Best tour booklet ever,​ ​thanks. I mean that sincerely,​ ​after having cycle to​ured with various companies. Cant wait to start this trip.

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D. Carey

We indeed found that Gary and his crew made the entire trip a real treat with the services readily available to help out. We met others who had also been on more than one of ACC Eastern Canada tours, so that also speaks well of how smoothly things are organized. The only real variable is the weather, which NOBODY can predict or change.

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R. Monroe

...affordable, adaptable, informal, friendly, accommodating, great knowledge of the area for the details that only natives or near natives would know.

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C. Gibson

It was well-organized and well-run, I thought. Better yet, the organization was able to adapt to changing conditions or circumstances when necessary.

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C. Campbell

Thanks for a great tour.

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W. Cotter

It was very obvious that 100% was put into making this festival one to meet the needs, to have fun, and to educate people about Nova Scotia and its people.

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D. Plane

Hope you will be able to stick with the operation for a number more years while we are still capable of going with your groups.

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L. Chiofar

... an awesome support team. Everything was so well organized and I felt safe and cared for throughout the entire trip.

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G. Saunders

Excellent! Great weather, new friends, interesting site and beautiful seaside scenery

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H. Carson

Thanks for bringing together such a great group of people!

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B. MacDonald

You did a first rate job! I am by nature a cynical person. Your people did a first rate job, and you can quote me or use me as a reference.

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C. Bigeco

It was great. The scenery was spectacular and biking was a great way to see it. Further, as long as you were prepared to swallow your pride and take the sag wagon there was no reason why an averagely fit person couldn’t take the ride. Generally the organization gave you support but didn’t run your life.

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T. Reid

It turned out to be a whole lot of fun. It was a very good chance for me to spend some quality time with my teenage son. Both of us enjoyed getting out to the event.

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B. Devlin

Im still glowing and telling great stories about the Newfoundland trip ... especially the wonderous head wind and rain on that fateful day past the airport! Our photos are great as well.
(We) had a great time - thanks for making it possible!

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D. Dermont

Meeting people. Sharing stories. Visiting places off the beaten track. Rubbing elbows with the locals.

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L. Rosmarin

It exceeded our expectations because of the kindness of both organizers and cyclists

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R. Monroe

I enjoyed the other people on this trip, the scenery, the choice of campgrounds and appreciated the coordination of all the logistics - ferries, etc - that were required for a trip such as this one.

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L. Grenon

I have not forgotten the wonderful Newfoundland Tour - unforgettable!

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