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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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H. Taylor

You started with the incredible Gros Morne and ended with the remarkable Viking Village. Everything in between - the coves, moose, fox, ferry rides, ice bergs - was terrific!

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M. Mills

Keep the tours coming. Thanks

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J. Lovit

Searching travel via the internet is a hit and miss opportunity since you do not know how much is hype versus reality. I chose ACC because it seemed to offer service without expensive luxuries. I am glad that I did since I think that the group was about the best and most cohesive group I ever traveled with.

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D. Plane

It was a grand time. Loved the mix of trails and over the hills rides. Having to break-down and move camp only every other day was a real nice feature of this tour. Spectacular feeling on the road and views. Description of the trip should not lead participants to think it is all bike paths. I love paths because am very traffic adverse, but the better scenery is often the backroads over hill and dale rather than along old rail lines.

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T. Webb

I think the tour was very successful - and obviously word is spreading - the tour was superb. Thanks!

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L. Chiofar

I loved it! The distances were manageable, the campgrounds were lovely and the biking was beyond amazing!!

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A. Doyle

Met lots of good people. It was very sociable. Lots of freedom to do your own things. Certainly was well worth the $$. I am sure a lot of work goes this. Thank You.

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D. Gartner

Liked freedeom to ride at our own pace and schedule and eating on our own without commitments.

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J. Ziegler

1st bike trip ever & I loved it! Great organization and excellent leadership. Hip t-shirt colours also. Thanks for the memories.

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B. Batterman

I thought it was an exceedingly well run tour. Suggestions for side trips were I thought it was an exceedingly well run tour. Suggestions for side trips were great.

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W. Miller

This was my favorite organized bike trip thus far. I've been on five before this one. PEI is absolutely beautiful! You did an outstanding job on this trip- kudos to you!

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A. Enright

I like how relaxed the itinerary was laid out - we had the option of eating out or buying food to cook ourselves. It was helpful to have those hints mentioned on our maps for sure.

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A. Boissonnault

We are a family of four who did the PEI trip last summer. Our kids were 9 and 11 when we took the trip. We had taken two two-day trips to prepare for the trip, as well as some training runs at home. The kids enjoyed themselves, especially since all the adults seemed to take them under their respective wings. We took our time along the trail, and took many breaks. We were usually the last ones to arrive at the campsite, but somebody has to be last!!

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M. Cama

Extremely well run tour. Rules to make it nice for everyone, but not in your face. This was one of my BEST vacations ever!

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A. Darke

Thanks again to you and your staff for a most memorable experience. I think you should charge more for all the effort you put in!

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D. Bergan

We did the Cabot Trail on rented hybrids and had no trouble with the hills. Suggest you do some hill work prior to the tour. It’s a very nice scenic tour and ACC does a great job with supporting the riders. Enjoy.

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J. Twinney

I died and went to heaven many times over. Wow!

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K. Crossman

You should be proud of this event. Its well organized, in beautiful country, with nice people. It’s also a lot of fun.

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B. Jones

Very personal, very well done, good group spirit.

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L. Chiofar

... an awesome support team. Everything was so well organized and I felt safe and cared for throughout the entire trip.

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