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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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G. Browes

A really pleasant tour.  All expectations were met. Really well organized, good daily maps and sites of local interest provided, tour personnel willing to assist and provide without hesitation.
Really well done.  I will not hesitate to refer fellow cyclists to your tours.

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A. Enright

I like how relaxed the itinerary was laid out - we had the option of eating out or buying food to cook ourselves. It was helpful to have those hints mentioned on our maps for sure.

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L. Chiofar

It was better than expected. Lots of support, camaraderie and amazing cycling!

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D. Cohen

I enjoyed the previous tour I did with you and have the same positive feeling after completing this one. I will strongly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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P. McCullough

You run a great adventure tour, and I thank you again. See you next summer.

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D. Ransom

The trip was a joy in many ways. Very challenging for me, but finding that I could do it was exhilarating. I’ve returned in a better place with myself and the world. Ill detour for the Newfoundland tour next year.

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D. Mcparlan

Like the independence of the structure, not herding together of the whole group. Like the variety of eating, sleeping, and activities available. The organizing of the food in the crates with shopping along the way was superb. The cooking arrangements worked very well. There was plenty of hot water, dishes, soap, propane. All that was very good.

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J. Young

I appreciated the slow transition into more challenging rides as the tour progressed each day offered new sights to see and appreciate. I always felt safe and accounted for throughout each ride and that I would make it safely to the day's final destination despite any accidental detours.  Overall it was an amazing trip and I hope to join other tours in the future.

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K. Stobie

A great time cycling, a great group of people, a least one crappy rain day, good Quebec beer and food! The path back to Levi was absolutely fantastic. Seeing the mountains on the north shore and the St. Lawrence together just blew my mind.

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W. Lake

Loved cycling there. One of the best ACC trips.

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R. Provost

Gary of Atlantic Canada Cycling, was terrific and helped us even though we weren't with his group. Saved us from missing ferry and being stuck for an extra week in Newfoundland.

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V. Bernards

This will be tour number 6 with you and all my memories of cycling with your company are wonderful. I look forward to cycling Cape Breton Island again with you and your staff. I'm trying to talk a few other friends in coming up for the tour but I don't think I'll have any takers...but you never know.

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LD Tomlinson

I sure enjoyed the Newfoundland ride and all the wonderful people I was privileged to ride and adventure with. I have had many great conversations and stories to share with my friends and family.
I hope your season of tours has been a good one for you. Would love to do another adventure with ACC.

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B. Irvine

I remember the Cape Breton tour clearly. It was fantastic. I hope to do another tour with ACC one day... sooner than later.

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L. Grenon

I have not forgotten the wonderful Newfoundland Tour - unforgettable!

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C. Stang

An excellent job overall! I was very impressed with the effort that you put in as well as with the turnout for the tour. It was nice to cycle with the group after being on the road by myself!

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L. Coolen

You have been able to provide a person from the States a glimpse into the beauty and culture of a spectacular province. I have also got to hang out with cool Canadians. Thanks for your dedication and hard work.

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T. & M. Stites

Thanks again – it was far beyond what we hoped for. The crew was wonderful. The sag wagon was always where I needed it.

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I. Hoffman

Everything seemed very organized - I was quite pleased.

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R. Monroe

I enjoyed the other people on this trip, the scenery, the choice of campgrounds and appreciated the coordination of all the logistics - ferries, etc - that were required for a trip such as this one.

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