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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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D. Brown

We loved it. A simple inexpensive, no frills tour. Just what we were looking for.

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J. Ziegler

1st bike trip ever & I loved it! Great organization and excellent leadership. Hip t-shirt colours also. Thanks for the memories.

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J. McLean

Just wanted to send you an email to thank you for organizing the Cabot Trail tour last weekend. Some of the hills were hell to climb but the scenery was quite nice. I think what was especially nice about the experience was meeting all the great people….kind of kindred spirits in adventure and health. I also really appreciated your organization of transporting tents, etc.

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D. Dermont

Meeting people. Sharing stories. Visiting places off the beaten track. Rubbing elbows with the locals.

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N. Rodger

Thanks for a great tour and the road-side repair

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R. Kilmoyer

To some people it was a challenge and they did fine, we actually added about 15 miles (24 km) /day (but we bike a lot).

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S. Datars

We feel we got more than our money’s worth.

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J. Gaiot

Thank you all for making this a special trip to remember.

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D. & R. Bergan

Thank you for making the recent PEI tour a memorable one for us. We enjoyed every day of riding including the one windy day. We really appreciated the extras ie;Lobster feast, the Center accommodations and providing transportation to include us with the campers. PEI is a wonderful place to ride on safe rural roads and trails. Hopefully (we) will be able to participate in one of your other tours in the future.

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L. & A. Brison

It is a very nice Island you have and thanks for sharing it.

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T. Kaye

I had a great time. Loved it.. ..felt like I really got to see an in-depth view of nova Scotia that many visitors didn't

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P. MacGrail

Thanks for an enjoyable first bike tour!

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F. Klesh

You have provided us with another Bike tour to remember....The Newfoundland tour is a do again trip.... [We] loved every moment Thank you for all you do to make this such a wonderful experience.... See you next year.

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T. Farquhar

I'll throw in my two cents about the [Saint John River] Tour. It was perfect. You have achieved a marvelous balance of freedom and structure, independence for riders as well as support. Each tour makes the trip their own... collectively their own.

The last day was delightful. I was the last to leave Cabano that morning as the rain began. And I rode like a banshee all morning. At my age I like to create a sort of hard-day / easy-day rhythm, which permits me to get in a serious three-hour workout followed by a day of hanging out with the other riders and enjoying the sights along the route

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J. Young

This was my first organized bike tour of any kind so went into it with an open mind.  The camping arrangements were well done and I appreciated that everyone could go at their own pace.  The camp station with the kitchen and truck provided just the right amount of amenities to meet everyone's needs.  All of the staff went above and beyond what was expected from them and we're very helpful at any given time.

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C. Miller

Most enjoyable bicycle event I have attended.

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G. Wilson

The Newfoundland Trip was great- Day 8 with the wind, rain and cold I could have done without but then there was no charge for that.

It was a wonderful trip-thanks for all your organization. I hope to ride again with ACC!

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J. Eastman

Thanks to the support drivers and all staff. An excellent show of teamwork. Very pleased with all. Each and every one on staff a great big thank-you. You worked hard.

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L McPhun

Been There...Done That - ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you Atlantic Canada Cycling!!!

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L. Rosmarin

It exceeded our expectations because of the kindness of both organizers and cyclists

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