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Thanks for all your great comments!  Here are a few more notes you have sent our way.

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T. Walker

Thank you ever so much for a fantastic tour. You definitely went above and beyond. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour... Take care. See you on the road again.

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L. Tucker

Super - it wasn`t "over organized" - enough flexibility to do your own thing, yet, enough info etc. to make it a great experience."

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T. Morfas

Sadly, it is time to say goodbye to Newfoundland and its severe, rugged and unromantic beauty. Feel very fortunate to have shared this unforgettable adventure with the most amazing group of people.

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T. Farquhar

I'll throw in my two cents about the [Saint John River] Tour. It was perfect. You have achieved a marvelous balance of freedom and structure, independence for riders as well as support. Each tour makes the trip their own... collectively their own.

The last day was delightful. I was the last to leave Cabano that morning as the rain began. And I rode like a banshee all morning. At my age I like to create a sort of hard-day / easy-day rhythm, which permits me to get in a serious three-hour workout followed by a day of hanging out with the other riders and enjoying the sights along the route

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D. Carey

Ann and I really enjoyed the experience sharing this trip with the group.....a lifetime of memories for sure!

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T. Nicastri

We have traveled a lot but liked very few places as much as your Newfoundland tour. All the many people who we sent our virtual slide show to commented on the natural beauty of NF.

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A. Moore

Everything operated like clockwork. Everyone connected with ACC did everything to make the trip enjoyable. I do enjoy the flexibility that is a characteristic of ACC tours. Great crew. Throughly enjoyed all aspects of the tour.

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L. Ruetsche

I'd definitely ride with ACC again --- maybe even in Newfoundland, since I didn't get to see the Tablelands either time I pedalled past. I thought that it was brilliantly organized and run, but it took me a few days to learn to trust the system.  But once I realized that I'd always have the information I needed by the time I needed it, I relaxed and enjoyed it.

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A. Enright

I like how relaxed the itinerary was laid out - we had the option of eating out or buying food to cook ourselves. It was helpful to have those hints mentioned on our maps for sure.

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J. Berg

My expectations were to be wowed with my first time in Canada, learn more about bikecamping, and meet lots of new folks.
The Chaudiere-Appalaches Tour landscape was stunning, the campsites were beautiful, weather perfect, 2-day camping was crucial, and the organization was amazing. All the grocery stops were fantastic. Cant wait to go on another one or even repeat this one!

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M. Cama

Extremely well run tour. Rules to make it nice for everyone, but not in your face. This was one of my BEST vacations ever!

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B. Devlin

Im still glowing and telling great stories about the Newfoundland trip ... especially the wonderous head wind and rain on that fateful day past the airport! Our photos are great as well.
(We) had a great time - thanks for making it possible!

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V. Bernards

This will be tour number 6 with you and all my memories of cycling with your company are wonderful. I look forward to cycling Cape Breton Island again with you and your staff. I'm trying to talk a few other friends in coming up for the tour but I don't think I'll have any takers...but you never know.

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J. Light

You're just about 100%, in fact you are 100% on the stuff within your control.

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D. Cohen

I enjoyed the previous tour I did with you and have the same positive feeling after completing this one. I will strongly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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C. Campbell

Thanks for a great tour.

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A. Emo

This was my first time in Newfoundland. I always wanted to go but was put off in the past with the thought of a lot of rain. I was pleasantly surprised. We had great weather for the most part and were blessed with a lot of sunshine and warm weather at the beginning of the Tour. I just fell in love with Newfoundland. I loved the scenery and the people were very friendly, the roads were clean and the air was fresh. Hiking was great in Gros Morne park even though we could not hike to the top because of the nesting season (not open until July 1st). Saw lots of moose and some caribou and of course whales

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M. Molly

Thanks for making the biking so much easier. Great routes. I’d like to do another one with you.

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S. Waterston

We enjoyed our Liked the comprehensiveness of the way the tour was organized, the staff and the way the tour was supported. We had a great time, your staff is terrific, the days were well planned.

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R. Rittichier

Thanks for being so helpful to a relative newcomer to biking. You were so helpful to help me with my wheel problem.

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