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R. Monroe

...affordable, adaptable, informal, friendly, accommodating, great knowledge of the area for the details that only natives or near natives would know.

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D & B Gartner

We just love your tours! We love being able to eat our own food when we want to. You have a good process down!

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D. Milton

I was very happy with the tour and felt it was well done. It was an amazing trip.

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I. Mohr
I. Mohr

We are all SO glad ACC is still alive and well and ready for future adventures.

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P. Gilbert

It was a positive experience & the camping part worked out smoother than what I thought! I liked being part of a group , having some organized structure but yet being free to do what I wanted.
Trying to make everything work for people as long as it was within reason; friendliness & ease to approach; lots of heart and personal pleasure from all of you doing your best to make things work for everyone.

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C. Green

-have been on past tours and enjoy the format. We like the camping format, especially because you have more opportunity to meet people and socalize.

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P. Bresnick

I think it was well organized.  Overall though the coffee was always ready, and the gear ready at the end of the day. The food and beer stops were easy to find. I think everyone in your organization wanted to make it successful for all the riders.

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C. Green

We like the relaxed format (ie no guided bike tour, etc.) where you can do your own thing each day. As repeat people, its really fun to meet up with people we have met on the other tours.

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C. Gibson

It was well-organized and well-run, I thought. Better yet, the organization was able to adapt to changing conditions or circumstances when necessary.

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R. Monroe

I enjoyed the other people on this trip, the scenery, the choice of campgrounds and appreciated the coordination of all the logistics - ferries, etc - that were required for a trip such as this one.

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