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R. Rolston

We have done the Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Eastern PEI tours over the past four summers. Always a great time and amazing for my legs and cardio. I like seafood too and being out East. Can't wait.

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H. Currie

The Gaspé tour was the best experience of cycling I had in my entire life ! Well done to all.

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H. Currie

1. The ACC «team» worked seamlessly with all the cyclists to help with all matters on the road & at campsites.
2. The equipment provided by ACC for cooking etc was exceptional. Nice to see that all cyclists took care of everything too.
3. The food crates & coolers provided by ACC were much appreciated by all cyclists.
4. The supermarket stops each day were well thought out.The grocery bin pick-ups much appreciated by all cyclists too.

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H. Currie

Gary, thank you so much for your assistance to me during the Gaspé tour. The scenery was so spectacular. It was a mind blowing, often emotional, journey for me in Québec. You all have such a great passion for cycle touring that added to my enjoyment immensely. Encore une fois, je vous remercie pour un parcours inoubliable !

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F. Klesh

This is our third tour with Atlantic Canada Cycling. We are excited and looking forward to another great vacation.

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M. Maloney

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the tour this year. Just what I needed! I am looking forward to doing another one next year..

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