Comments – Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean
Route-Verte Bicycle Tour

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C. Campbell

Thanks for a great tour.

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P. Steckler

Great trip! You haven’t aged (much)!

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D. Gamble

Thank you from the pampered princesses.

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V. Daniels

Thanks for another great trip! I’ll be back!

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P. Davison

Another most excellent tour.

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S. Warne

Another great tour! Thank you so much for everything you did for us. Hope to see you on another tour.

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H. Carson

It was great! Thanks for bringing together such a great group of people!

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A. Murphy

Thanks for an intro to Lac-Saint-Jean by velo.

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J. Berry

Thanks. Great time as always.

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J. Gaiot

Thanks for a whole new batch of memories ~ the ride, the scenery, the food, the people, and the endless storytelling!

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M. Sobel

The Saguenay – Lac Saint-Jean Tour was outstanding. The other tour members were a highlight for me.

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T. Walker

Thank you ever so much for a fantastic tour. You definitely went above and beyond. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, Quebec, and its bike friendly people… Take care. See you on the road again.

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D. Fairey

Thanks for another great tour.

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