After 36 fabulous years Atlantic Canada Cycling is no longer doing tours. We are now spending our retirement years enjoying cycling and helping people make use of our knowledge of bicycle touring.  If you wish to follow in the tracks of our tours fell free to ask us questions on this great cycling route.

Prince Edward Island East Bicycle Tour

Cycling Prince Edward Island - fun week long bicycle tour on PEI

This tour of Canada’s smallest province will take in Prince Edward Island’s eastern side. Overall, our tour cycling Prince Edward Island will feature mostly gently rolling terrain and have varied scenery. We begin at Charlottetown, the primary city of Prince Edward Island and the Birthplace of Canada. We cross the interior of the Island to explore the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Here we will enjoy the beaches, walking trails, and other natural attractions at Prince Edward Island National Park.

We work our way eastward, turning at the farthest point of PEI. The beaches here are spectacular. We weave in and out around the coasts as far as Cape Bear, at the furthest point south-east. Our last evening together is on the Northumberland Strait shore. We end our trip with a return ride back to Charlottetown.

A naturalist’s paradise, Prince Edward Island is one of the top cycling destinations in North America! Circling the island are 40 glorious beaches, ranging from bright red clay to pure white sand. Bird sanctuaries are numerous, seal colonies lie along the shore. The PEI Tour alternates between the eastern and western sides of the island. They match together for participants to return and experience the entire island.

The Prince Edward Island East Bicycle Tour will follow scenic back roads, enabling us to experience the rural flavour of the island. No matter where we are, we will never be far from its shores, which we will visit often. The shallow depths allow us to swim in the warmest waters north of Carolina. We will also include options to explore parts of the province’s developing bicycle trail system.

We try hard on our Prince Edward Island tours to fit in both experienced riders and also at the same time welcome newer and more casual cyclists.  For riders looking for higher distance each day, don’t skip over touring PEI.  We have prepared most days extra routes along peninsulas and harbours to explore.  On this tour we can have both types of riders enjoying exploring the Island.   

In addition to cycling to our favourite hidden corners, we will enjoy campfires, swim at beaches, wander on shoreline walks, take trails, taste great seafood. Our week on Prince Edward Island will be fun, social, and rewarding.

Tour Outline

Prince Edward Island East Bicycle Tour Outline
Prince Edward Island East Bicycle Tour Outline

Day 1 – Charlottetown to PEI National Park
Day 2 – PEI National Park to St. Peter’s
Day 3 – St. Peter’s to Red Point
Day 4 – Red Point to Brudenell
Day 5 – Brudenell to Panmure Island
Day 6 – Panmure Island to Wood Islands
Day 7 – Wood Islands to Charlottetown


Day 1 – Charlottetown to PEI National Park 57/67 km (35/42 mi.)
Our tour begins. Charlottetown has an important place in Canada’s history. The birthplace of Canadian Confederation, it is an attractive, small city. We take a leg of the Confederation Trail to take us out of the city. leaving the trail, rolling hills set in a pleasant patchwork of farmland will take us through a winding route crossing the province northward. We emerge on the other side of the island at Brackley, at Prince Edward Island National Park. We have the late afternoon to enjoy the beaches of Prince Edward National Park. The park is famous for its huge white sand beach.

Day 2 – PEI National Park to St. Peter’s 53/77 km (33/48 mi.)
Lines of buoys of the mussel farms in St. Peter’s Bay will guide us westward. Here along the shore, part of the trail system will be waiting for us to test out. For extra cycling we suggest the Greenwich section of Prince Edward Island park, with beaches, and bird watching among the dunes. We are within walking distance of perhaps the best fish and chips spot on PEI.

Day 3 – St. Peter’s to Red Point 75 km (46 mi.)
Our tour today takes us along some of the finest beaches in all North America. Watch for herons, and possibly seals. Today we go to the far eastern tip of the Island. In fact, to where the province is no more than a few feet wide. At East Point Lighthouse, we can see where the Northumberland Strait meets the mighty Gulf of St. Lawrence. Elmira was once the end of the line. Today its Railroad Museum is the start of a new trail system, which we can ride. Another option is to explore the forested Heritage Roads through the interior. On the southern coast, the scenery is splendid. We follow it to outside of Souris, and the end of a full day. Our campsite is along the ocean and is quite attractive, usually one of the favourites of the tour.

Day 4 – Red Point to Brudenell 74 km (46 mi.)
Our tour’s longest day, we will still have time to linger in the town of Souris before we head out to wind our way around two peninsulas taking us off the island’s main roads. There are a few short cuts for cyclists wishing for a smaller total than the full distance. Near camp we will have a pub overlooking the golf course if anyone wishes to linger for a while in the evening.

Day 5 – Brudenell to Panmure Island 64 km (40 mi.)
To reach Panmure Island after lingering in the town of Montague we meander around country back roads. Panmure is connected by a narrow sandbar. Alongside our stopping point for the day is one of the best beaches on Prince Edward Island. Being an easy day today we should have a lot of time for the beach, or we can suggest more cycling.

Day 6 – Panmure Island to Wood Islands 57 km (36 mi.)
Today’s ride is one of the best of the tour. Our route has wonderful views over the water, yet not much car traffic. With views out over the Northumberland Strait, we have a great spot for the last evening of our tour.

Day 7 – Wood Islands to Charlottetown 65 km (40 mi.)
We wind our way through old Irish and Scottish settlements toward Charlottetown. Historic Orwell Village, a collection of authentic PEI buildings from yesteryear makes for a great shaded rest stop. We finish cycling Prince Edward Island by following the shoreline back to our end point at Charlottetown.

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