Through this site we hope to share some of the great times my wife and I have had cycle touring, and give some help and information to those who might consider cycle touring as an alternative type of holiday. Cycle touring with a tent is a great way to see and explore a country. Here are a few things to recommend it.

It’s a relaxing way to see the country side, you tend to see and experience more of the country side from a bike than a car!
There’s more chance to explore the countryside by taking quieter tracks and lanes.
You can go at your own pace, we have a brief idea of a route, but adjust it to how we feel and weather conditions.
If we find a place that we like, we often stay for a few days and explore before moving on.
It’s not as expensive as some holidays. It’s a healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel.
By staying on local campsites and tourist farms there is more chance of getting to know the local people and understanding their culture.

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